1200kg commercial freeze dryer

The FD-1200 commercial freeze dryer processing capacity: 1200kg. To buy inexpensive commercial freeze dryer from KEMOLO factory, the best freeze dryer manufacturer & supplier.

  • Model: FD-1200
  • Capacity: 1200kg

The FD-1200 commercial freeze dryer is not a regular model, and it can be customized for users with such special needs. Its processing capacity per batch is 1200kg, which can be used for freeze drying of various foods. FD-1200 commercial freeze dryer also has its unique advantages.

Generally speaking, commercial freeze-drying machines are always large, and only commercial freeze-drying production will use commercial freeze-drying machines. For that kind of small freeze dryer, it can only be regarded as an experimental type, not a commercial type.

Features of FD-1200 Commercial Freeze Dryer

1. More humane dimensions

2. Super cost-effective transportation size

3. Efficient and energy-saving freeze dryer

FD-1200 commercial freeze dryer application

It is suitable for medium and large food companies to produce top-quality freeze-dried food. It can produce food for humans, and it can also produce pet food. This commercial freeze dryer is specially designed for food and meets various requirements of food production.

Commercial freeze dryers, this concept is usually confused by some people. What is commercial freeze-drying? It's definitely not for home use, not for laboratory use. Commercial ones are mass-produced freeze-dried productions that are used to make money.

With a daily processing capacity of less than 1 ton, it cannot be called a commercial freeze dryer. In this sense, commercial freeze dryers are also large freeze dryers. KEMOLO is a manufacturer of large freeze dryers and only produces such large, commercial and industrial freeze dryers. If you need to buy a commercial freeze dryer, it is correct to contact KEMOLO freeze dryer company.