2000kg freeze drying equipment

FD-2000 is the hot selling large radiant freeze-drying equipment. Capacity: 2000kg. The FD-2000 freeze drying equipment is very cost-effective, comparing with other models or other manufacturers & suppliers.

  • Model: FD-2000
  • Capacity: 2000kg

FD-2000 is the hot selling large scale radiant freeze-drying machine. The processing capacity of each batch of fresh raw materials is 2000kg. Due to the use of high-efficiency heating plates and energy-saving devices, the FD-2000 freeze drying equipment is very cost-effective. In addition, in terms of transportation and installation area, the FD-2000 freeze drying equipment is one of the best choices.

Features of FD-2000 freeze drying equipment

1. Larger processing capacity

2. Radiant high-efficiency heat transfer plates

3. The rear cold trap has a more efficient condensation effect

4. More suitable transportation and installation dimensions

Application of FD-2000 freeze drying equipment

It can be used to freeze-dry a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, plants, meat, meals, soup, milk, and coffee; it can also be used in a variety of mixed pet foods. In addition, some innovative products can also be freeze-dried.

As a kind of drying equipment, freeze-drying equipment is irreplaceable, because freeze-drying is sublimation drying, and other drying is evaporation drying. If the liquid is to be freeze-dried into powder without losing its biological activity and effective substances, then only freeze-drying equipment can be used.

As a professional freeze-drying equipment manufacturer, KEMOLO does not produce any other equipment, only freeze-drying. Especially good at large-scale industrial freeze-drying equipment used in the food industry, liquid freeze-drying into powder, biological products, pet food and other industries.

KEMOLO freeze-drying equipment has a large daily processing capacity. There are standard models for users to choose from, and special customizations are also accepted. As long as it can be transported to your country by sea, we can produce as the freeze drying equipment as big as you want.