200kg lyophilization machine

KEMOLO is a manufacturer of lyophilization machine, and offers cheap factory price lyophilization machine to clients in both China and abroad. The lyophilization machine is industrial scale for commcerical use, which is suitable for food lyophilization in vacuum chamber.

  • Model: FD-200
  • Capacity: 200kg

The FD-200 lyophilization machine is suitable for small and medium-sized food factories as an early-stage small investment. The FD-200 industrial lyophilization machine is not used for experiments, it is a real commercial production lyophilization machine. The daily processing capacity of sliced fruit is 200KG. KEMOLO FD-200 lyophilization machine is also an all-in-one type. If your factory is relatively small, you can consider this model. FD-200 lyophilization machine is suitable for lyophilization fruits, vegetables, meals, meat, fish, shrimp, seafood, protein, plant extracts, herbs, coffee, milk, coconut milk, biological products, etc.

Features of FD-200 lyophilization machine.

1. Small size and small installation area.

2. All-in-one machine does not need to send after-sales service personnel to guide installation and debugging.

3. Product freezing and product vacuum lyophilization do not need to move the position, all are completed in the machine, fully automatic control.

4. It is suitable for a variety of products without limitation.

Advantages of lyophilized products

1. Freeze-dried products are of high quality without color change

2. The freeze-dried product has no shape change

3. Freeze-dried products have no fragrance loss

4. Freeze-dried products have no nutritional loss

5. Freeze-dried products have no additives and preservatives

6. Long shelf life of freeze-dried products

KEMOLO is a manufacturer, there are a lot of high quality lyophilization machines for sale with cheap price. The input capacity range of a single KEMOLO lyophilization machine is from 50kg to 2500kg. The capacity can be inceased to 10-100 tons with multiple dryers design. The lyophilization machine is the only product made by KEMOLO company, therefore, if you do need a lyophilization machine, not for home or laboratory use,
KEMOLO would be your best option.