100kg lyophilizer equipment

Commercial vacuum lyophilizer equipment for food industrial use. To buy with cheap price lyophilizer equipment for fruit and vegetable processing from China manufacturers & suppliers, KEMOLO has lyophilizer for sale.

  • Model: FD-100
  • Capacity: 100kg

Vacuum lyophilizer equipment for sale for food

FD-100 lyophilizer equipment is a small model in all KEMOLO freeze-drying equipments. Its daily processing capacity is 100KG, one batch in a day, which is based on sliced fruit. This kind of lyophilizer equipment is used for commercial development, the purpose is to put the lyophilized products into the market in a small volume, while developing a variety of lyophilized samples to test which products consumers prefer.

FD-100 lyophilizer equipment adopts industrial vacuum system, industrial refrigeration unit and PLC control. The accessories are of the same level as those used on large lyophilization machines, so the price will not be as cheap as home lyophilizer equipment.

Features of FD-100 lyophilizer equipment

1. It is an all-in-one lyophilizer equipment, requiring only a small installation area.

2. It is air-cooled, and the machine runs without consuming water.

3. It has both automatic operation and manual operation.

There are two types of FD-100 lyophilizer equipments

Since FD-100 is for small trial production, KEMOLO offers two types of FD-100. The first is the conductive type, made of stainless steel, suitable for a variety of products, including a variety of liquids. The second is the radiant type, which uses a customized high-efficiency heating plate, which has better heat transfer efficiency and shorter production time. This kind of lyophilizer equipment is suitable for lyophilization various foods.

KEMOLO lyophilizer equipment is mainly used in various foods, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, aquatic products, raw and cooked. It is also used in various extraction liquids, freeze-dried into powder, biological and herbal products, pet food;

KEMOLO lyophilizer equipment is industrial grade, that is to say large, medium or huge customized. There are also a small number of small lyophilizer equipment used in start-up small companies.

KEMOLO lyophilizer equipment has a 2-year warranty. It is a professional manufacturer of lyophilizer equipment. The products are cost-effective and can be exported to any country in the world. There are thousands of installations in more than 40 countries.