50kg Lyophilizer machine

KEMOLO company is professional lyophilizer machine manufacturers & suppliers in China, specialized in manufacturing good quality food lyophilizer machine with cost-effective price. To buy cheap lyophilizer machine, welcome to visit our factory.

  • Model: FD-50
  • Capacity: 50kg

Lyophilizer machine is called freeze dryer machine. The 50kg lyophilizer machine is one of the smallest models in this series of industrial production lyophilizer machines. Its input material capacity is 50kg, and the output material depends on the moisture content of the product. The 50kg food lyophilizer machine is the first choice for start-up small commcerical businesses. KEMOLO is one of the main manufacturers & suppliers of lyophilizer machine from China and sale the machine globly with high quality and competative price.

The purpose of using the 50kg industrial lyophilizer machine is to:

1. Establish your own lyophilization business.

2. Develop different kinds of lyophilized products and put them on the market.

3. Trial production on a small scale to accumulate experience for mass production in the future.

4. Try the lyophilization market, try to do this business.

Features of 50kg vacuum lyophilizer machine

1. The volume is small, it is an all-in-one machine, no need to install, debug and start.

2. Product pre-cooling and product lyophilization are carried out in the chamber, without the need for blast freezer.

3. It can be controlled fully automatically.

4. Air-cooled cooling system are adopted, not require water resources when the machine is running.

5. Suitable for all kinds of food, herbal medicine, biological products, health care products, extracts.

Advantages of lyophilized products
1. No loss of nutrition

2. The color does not change

3. The shape does not collapse

4. No additives, 100% natural

5. The storage time is several years

KEMOLO freeze dryer is suitable for freeze-drying various foods, health products, extracts, biological products, herbs, various liquids into powder, pet food, etc.

The output of KEMOLO lyophilizers are all industrial production types. If you want to start a company, whether it is a small freeze-drying factory or a large-scale freeze-drying plant, there is nothing wrong to contact us. However, if it is limited to households or laboratories, our lyophilizer is not suitable for these applications.

Compared with competitors, KEMOLO has a single product category and only produces freeze dryers. Professional, dedicated, and concentrate on freeze-drying. Reliable and high quality and No. 1 in the world in terms of cost performance.

If you want to buy a professional, reliable heavy duty lyophilizer machine with a low factory price to save your purchase cost and maximum your profit, please do not hesitate to contact us.